Axonix - the programmatic RTB mobile advertising ad exchange

You build great apps. Now let us generate your ad revenues!

Now let us generate your ad revenues!

Advertising can deliver a rich income stream for developers and mobile publishers across free, freemium and paid-for apps. Axonix’s competitive RTB marketplace can maximise your app revenues by enabling your advertising inventory to be bought by brands and networks globally, in real-time, for the best prices.

4 Years

Technology with a history of leading the market

Wand Circle

Simple to set up but with full control and transparency

100+ Partners

Integrated with 100+ demand partners to secure the best pricing for you

iPhone Circle

Backed by Telefonica, one of the world’s largest mobile operators

Intelligent and transparent ad marketplace.

We provide a fully transparent, programmatic trading platform that enables mobile publishers to achieve the highest possible prices for their advertising inventory whilst adhering to any controls and selling rules you define.

Our flexible platform allows the delivery of all standard mobile ad formats, including rich media, expandables and video, with the appropriate policies and controls in place to give you complete peace of mind.

Secure the best pricing for your ads.

Axonix has over 100 demand partners integrated into our platform, including most of the world’s top mobile DSPs and ad networks. More buyers creates more competition for your ads, giving you a higher price and fill rate in our real-time ad auctions.

Our advanced, multi-layered targeting options deliver the optimal ad placements for your users, and our global scale enables us to offer one of the lowest transaction fees in the industry. You’ll receive a single consolidated payment from all your ads, no matter who you transact with.

Led by Industry Experts

Simon Birkenhead

Simon Birkenhead

Chief Executive

A former global executive at Telefonica and Google, Simon has been a leading figure in digital advertising for over 8 years.

Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey

Chief Commercial Officer

With 10 years experience in programmatic advertising, Simon previously led global sales at Mobclix, Velti, OpenX and AdLink.

Easy to set up, with full control and transparency

With Axonix you retain full control over who you sell ads to across all our demand channels - so you can be confident they are a perfect fit for your users. We offer clear policies, checks and controls, and our customisable analytics engine allows you to optimise your ad performance in real-time.

The Axonix SDK is easy and quick to implement across both iOS and Android. It is also amongst the smallest in the industry, reducing the load for your users.

We pride ourselves in offering world-class service with an easy-to-use web-based interface for you to manage your campaigns. Our team of industry experts is available to help get you started and we have optimisation specialists on hand to help you maximise your revenues.

Technology with a 4 year heritage of leading the industry

Since its foundation in 2009, the Axonix platform has specialised exclusively in mobile ads. Our intelligent marketplace technology previously powered Mobclix, the world’s first RTB-enabled mobile ad exchange. Since then it has led the industry as a trusted, proven advertising platform for app developers in over 150 countries.

We operate on a global scale because your audience is everywhere. We are fully compatible with all standard ad formats and our reach means we're able sell more ads than our competitors and secure the best prices for your ad inventory.

Start maximising the revenue you make on every ad you serve.

Telefonica Blackstone

Axonix is part of the Telefonica group of companies, with additional backing from Blackstone's GSO Capital Partners. You can be confident you are working with a trusted, long-term partner who is committed to delivering world-class technology, support and results.