Axonix is a brand new mobile advertising company, powered by technology with a 4 year history of leading the market. We provide a fully transparent, programmatic marketplace that enables mobile publishers to achieve the highest possible prices for their inventory whilst adhering to any controls and selling rules they define.

With the financial backing of Telefonica and private equity group Blackstone, Axonix is powered by technology that previously underpinned the programmatic mobile ad exchange platform, Mobclix. Our advanced, data-driven, programmatic trading platform enables brands, agencies, networks and trading desks to engage with their target audiences on mobile devices in real-time, securing the optimal ad inventory that will deliver the best ROI.

With over 100 demand partners already integrated into the Axonix platform, we are also able to secure the best prices for our publisher partners.

Headquartered in London with a completely new executive management team, Axonix is set to be the most exciting new global business in the mobile advertising industry. Our intention is to be recognised for a world-class product delivered through a best-in-class customer experience that secures an industry-leading ROI for our customers.

Axonix will launch globally in May 2014. If you would like to be part of our launch as one of our team or publisher partners, please get in touch.